The FlxTran Experience
We’re a group of creative thinkers who have built a transportation system to change the world.

FlxTran combines the substantial unused resource of abandoned and little-used railroad rights-of-way, self-driving vehicles, and a ride-hailing/scheduling app to provide a new paradigm in transportation

The FlxTran Experience
Picture This...

Getting a Ride
Jessica stands in a previously abandoned but now refurbished railroad station in Fall River, Mass. She has a meeting in Boston in an hour. Google maps tells her that she can drive there in about 1:10.  But she has ordered a FlxTran with the app and will be in Boston in 40 minutes.
Quick Pickup
The FlxTran system, receiving her order, schedules a car from its current operating stock or its inventory. It arrives at the station in three minutes.
Fast and Safe Journey
Jessica and her fellow passengers sit back for a smooth ride, averaging 80 miles an hour, with one stop at Back Bay. Their van shares the line with other passenger and freight vehicles that use he same AI software.
On Time Arrival
FlxTran's global system management ensure that Jessica's and thousands of other simultaneous riders' journeys are managed so she and they arrives on time to their destinations.

The Problem

Much of America is underserved by regional transport services.  Some major cities have commuter rail systems to suburbs and there are rail and bus services to some locales.  Regional transport has been non-existent for decades for much of America, a victim of a downward spiral of shrinking demand, limited service, and the inexpensiveness and flexibility of using automobiles.   Lack of transport removes a major component for non-urban America to engage in this country’s genius and need for reinvention.  Current events provide a nexus of health (Covid-19), societal, business, and changes coupled with a broad but inaccessible canvas for innovation and development

The Solution

FlxTran marries the following available technologies to create a new infrastructure of rapid regional transport:·   
* Abandoned or underutilized railroad rights-of-way      
* Self-driving vehicles (cars, vans, semis)·        
* Ride-hailing app and kiosks (similar to Uber or Lyft)

These existing and proven components create a robust and sustainable approach to transportation. FlxTran sees this solution as supplanting existing rail services.

The Vision

Illustration of the 15-minute Paris. Source: Carlos Moreno.

FlxTran is integral in creating a more diverse yet more interconnected set of smaller communities that provide a more dynamic and sustainable lifestyle. Each FlxTran connected community is a 15-minute city. With the infrastructure for from work through play no more that a 15 minute walk.

Communities bypassed by the ascendance of central cities as work hubs now have renewed vitality and the residents renewed economic opportunity.

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